Tax on second home ownership: Should a tax be imposed on second home ownership?

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  • Should a Tax be Imposed on Second Home Ownership?

    Some are calling for a tax on second home ownership. I do not see that there is a justifiable reason to levy such a tax. In many circumstances the common citizen of our country may, at least temporarily, own two homes. This can stem from inheritance or some other kind of family transition. It is even possible that a third home would be owned. This is not something that has happened to me but I have know many people who were in these situations. First of all, multiple home ownership is not necessarily a luxury. It does not always occur as the result of affluence, is not necessarily sitting back in an easy chair with an expensive cigar and a brandy snifter. Owning homes, especially owning multiple homes that became your responsibility because of family deaths, is already like being heavily taxed BEORE the community decides to slap a special tax on you. Owning houses and taking care of them is very expensive. If there really needs to be a special tax for ownership of multiple home ownership [because the locality is running a deficit in its budget, etc], I would suggest that tax leave the little folks alone, not be applicable unless the person owns at least four homes. Four is an excessive number of homes. It goes beyond ones' own home, the home one has to keep up for the elderly parent, the little vacation home acquired before becoming responsible for the parent. Four homes says the person is affluent or running a business involving homes and is fair target for an extra tax.

  • No. Taxes should be on homestead property only.

    No. The government has their hands in far too many transactions these days. They are successfully making the people of America go broke with all their taxes and regulations. Americans should be taxed on the property they live in. If Americans decide to invest in another property, it should be seen by the government as economic stimuli, and not as another opportunity to put their hands in someone's pocket again.

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