Taxation of international aviation: Does flying contribute in special degree to global warming?

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  • I disagree with the use of taxation of international aviation as a means of controlling global warming.

    Taxation of international aviation will only lead to higher air fares for those needing to travel by air for business. The problem of global warming will never be solved by taxation or carbon fees or any type of control by fees or fines. The only way to control global warming is to find fuels and methods that do not contribute to the degradation of the environment. Until that happens, global warming will continue and the public which has no control over it will pay higher and higher prices for necessary services.

  • The environment in the modern world

    Whether or not an individual accepts climate change science as a severe warning of the dangers associated with our way of life, or simply views it as pop science, protecting our environment should certainly be an important aim for all people. There are numerous approaches to this problem, but the taxation of international flight seems the most trivial, and least equitable. Truly this tax could not be levied fairly, as income varies drastically around the world, and international travel has become a key element of our interconnected reality. Imagine if the UN had to begin holding meetings on Skype because of burdensome taxation. International travel is one of the cogs which keep our modern society turning, limiting or damaging it threatens our way of life more than it could benefit anything.

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