Taxation of international aviation: Would a tax on aviation fuel have a negative impact on businesses and economies?

  • Taxing aviation fuel raises the cost of shipping cargo.

    Taxing aviation fuel raises the cost of shipping cargo and places a burden on companies to recoup that money in order to maintain profit margins. In order to do this, they often have to charge more money for products, which hurts the consumer. Ultimately, the businesses and economies are hurt because customers cannot afford to buy as much as they were before the fuel tax.

  • Taxes Are Bad for Business

    Air fares are expensive enough as it is. With the massive layoffs that have hit the airliners, the bankruptcies and everything else, I don't think our government should impose any higher taxes on the cost of fuels. As we know, big time CEOs don't take wage cuts, no matter what the circumstance, so the cost of these taxes will fall, as they always do, on the consumers and the workers.

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