Taxation of international aviation: Would a tax on fuel be better than directly charging air travelers themselves?

  • Either Way, Consumers Pay

    Whether airlines raise fees or taxes increase, consumers pay for the extra stuff no matter what. A tax on fuel would be better in that the airlines pay for what they use as opposed to charging customers in advance. A tax on fuel is a better measure of how much carbon monoxide is put into the atmosphere by airplanes in terms of a carbon footprint.

  • Taxes are always bore by the consumer, whether they realize it or not

    The best way for government to make it appear favorable to the people is to hide the taxes that they pay. This is often done by building a tax into the cost of a good by taxing a component or something which is not directly purchased by the consumer. This is still a cost born by the consumer, however the consumer is no longer aware of it. Consumers should be aware of the taxes they are paying.

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