Taxes wiping out Prince's estate: Should his unreleased songs be for sale?

  • Prince's unreleased songs should be for sale

    Prince's unreleased songs should be for sale if for no other reason to satisfy the tax debt. More importantly, it is simple capitalism. As the beneficiaries of the estate the new owners of the music should be free to do what they wish with the songs. Why not profit? The bigger issue here should be about how taxes are causing an estate to be wiped out. That is just wrong and immoral taking by the government.

  • yes, music is a business

    Absolutely, they should. Music is a business just like any other and if there are taxes to be paid, you need a way to pay them. The songs are a commodity just like crackers or shoes. Perhaps he should have set up his estate better so that this would not have happened

  • It should be up to his next of kin

    I think that the next of kin of Prince should have the final say in whether his unreleased songs should be sold. Clearly Prince cannot voice his opinion, and it would almost be a shame to let these songs go to waste. Prince was a talented artist, and the world should see what else he had to offer.

  • The executor of the estate should decide.

    While Prince was alive he didn't do a good job taking are of his estate and his assets. He easily could have had a will and trust that would have laid out his wishes on what to do when he pasts. Ultimately the court now has to appoint someone to know make those decisions including weather to sell the songs.

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