Taxpayer money given by military to NFL teams for ads: Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer resources?

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  • No it is not.

    This is not the appropriate use of taxpayer resources. Taxpayer money that was given by the military to NFL teams for ads was the worst decision they ever made. This is because taxpayer money should be used for the benefit of the country's economy and not such needs. Therefore i beg to differ.

  • They don't need to recruit.

    Today, more people want to join the military than there are spaces available. It is competitive these days. With a criminal record, a teenager can't join the military. For this reason, it is important that the country does not waste tax payer dollars on recruiting. The military doesn't need to recruit. They have enough applicants as it is.

  • Dishonest ceremonies at best

    Most fans think that these "Hometown Heroes" segments or other related ceremonies are put on at the expense of the team to showcase local veterans. I think that if people knew that it was basically military propaganda paid for by the U.S. taxpayer, they would be much more upset about these constant reminders of "patriotism."

  • No, I don't want my tax money going to that.

    Advertisements for the military are not necessary. Every American knows about the military. No one watches football on Sunday and realizes "Wow, I never knew that the Marines existed!" Take that money and put it towards fixing our infrastructure, schools, health care or any other of a number of more important problems.

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