Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break-up: Should the world give less attention to celebrity's love life?

  • Yes, I think the world should give less attention to celebrity's love life

    I think people pay too much attention focused on celebrity's personal life.I can't get any knowledge on Taylor Swift breaks up with Calvin Harris.I don't even know who is Taylor Swift , so why would I care? This is painful when you end the relationship with someone and it want change anything if everyone is disgussing so i think this is pointless to report it.They do their best to give audience a wonderful performance ,why there is no report for that but a lot of gossip?We should focus more about society issues and stop pry into other people's privacy.T I think celebrities know people will be interesting on everything happened in their daily life,but that is not the reason people can invasion their privacy.

  • Yes, the media gives way too much attention to celebrity's personal lives.

    Yes, too much attention is focused on celebrity's personal affairs. Who cares if Taylor Swift breaks up with yet another guy? I don't know Taylor Swift personally, so why would I care? The media focuses on these types of stories to keep the public dumbed-down and complacent while the majority of the public miss important events that are going on.

  • Yes, I think the world should give less attention to celebrity's love life and pay more focus to more pressing issues at hand.

    Yes, I think the world should give less attention to celebrity's love life but I think that celebrities should understand that people will be interested in their intimate lives because of their fame and success. That being said, the media needs to focus less on the intimate lives of celebrities and cover more important issues.

  • Yes, there are more important issues on which we need to focus.

    Yes, the world should give less attention to a celebrity's love life. News about who a celebrity is dating, marrying or breaking up with should feature far less in the media than issues such as climate change, the European migrant crisis or world poverty, to name just a few. These are all enormous, life-threatening problems that deserve our collective attention much more than who has most recently broken Taylor Swift's heart.

  • Yes, that can and does happen to almost everyone.

    This is a painful enough time for both these young people. To have the history of their 'last' picture kissing is needlessly vicarious and voyeuristic. There is no reason for the press to twist the knife by publishing these pictures. Let them be, without hounding them in this unseemly manner, to grieve the end of their relationship in peace, and out of the public eye.

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