Teacher convicted for having child pornography: Can people trust their children's teachers in today's age?

  • Actions of one or a few

    Just as in religion, the actions of a few do not reflect the rest of the religion. I of course am talking about Catholicism. Many priests have been charged and convicted of child abuse, but many remain Catholic, including the parents and child of many of abused. A few doctors and lawyers are convicted of malpractice, but the profession and trust remains, in general.

  • One case doesnt mean anything

    This generation has been very overprotective. There's medication for everything, parents complain even if its the kids fault and to top it all technology in everyone hands. I think we are making our kids too dependent and weak. This one case of a teacher having child pornography means nothings and cant be taken too as a general basis for trachers in todays age.

  • This age is no different from previous ages, the illusion that it is is because of the media

    The only reason there is this perception that things are any different "in this age" as opposed to earlier ages is that there is more information. Stories that would've just been local stories that few people beyond the local area would've heard about now can be read anywhere in the world. The media follows an "if it bleeds it leads" formula, so more and more media outlets take advantage of this greater availability to find and report on the most shocking, horrifying stories.

    In reality, most problems in our society are improving. The illusion that they are not is the product of increasing mass media availability.

  • There are bad apples everywhere

    I think teachers an be trusted. If you look hard enough, you can always find a bad apple. An isolated incident is not indicative of a profession overall. Let's not blast the entire profession because some teacher did something wrong. That's very stereotypical to do something like that. Teachers have difficult jobs and deserve credit.

  • Yes I agree

    I think for the most part teachers can be trusted. however, I would like to see stricter screening methods. There's been too many stories of teachers, coaches, etc turning out to be pedophiles. We have to protect our children. Obviously we need teachers, but we need more extensive screening and background checks.

  • You can't trust anyone

    This doesn't apply to just teachers. You can't really trust anyone in today's age. If you approach life with that frame of mind you'll be a lot safer. Sure you can interact with people, just don't trust them with things that are important and you will be less likely to have something bad happen to you.

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