Teachers and staff members should be prohibited from being online friends or followers of their students.

  • Should be fully prohibitive (no matter what! ) especially if underage

    I believe that teachers and including other staff members of the school shouldn't be friends or follow students on social media sites- even if the student graduated from the school.

    I know many teachers that have people that are/used to be in their classes as friends/followers. It usually happens after the student graduated from the school however. Such as an 8th grader graduating from middle school for instance and usually it is the student who adds the teacher and they end up accepting it.

    It shouldn't be happening at any age but especially if the student if underage (under 18) even if they have graduated. Or students who are adults but due to certain special needs such as a mild/moderate intellectual disability, Autism or other special needs would possibly make them intellectually the age of someone underage such as someone being 18 but having the intellectual age of someone who is 8.

  • Sure. It's better to be more subtle.

    Those inevitable assignations need to be exclusively private. No paper trail if you'll pardon the analogy. One flash of Miss in her stocking tops and it's a case of self containment under extreme duress if you get my drift. Keep it to yourself, It's yours and yours alone so make hay whilst the sun is shining. Nothing but the memory will be quite so erotic ever again. And if you don't you sure as hell will live to regret it.

  • It is weird if they follow their students

    Kind of creepy if they follow their students, But I believe the majority don't anyway because they don't want to be friends with their students. If I was a high school teacher I wouldn't want to follow a bunch of immature 14-18 year olds. Just sayin tho idk you do ur thing.

  • They should not

    There has been a rash of teachers getting arrested for having inappropriate relationships with their students. The teachers were using social media to privately communicate with students without knowledge of their parents knowing. Social media is a gateway that breaks the boundaries of a teacher and a student. It lets them know too much about each other.

  • They should not be online friends or followers of each other.

    It is inappropriate for a teacher and a student to know too much about their private lives. It also allows teachers and students to speak privately which may form an inappropriate relationship. Three of the Northwest local school educators relied heavily on Snapchat, Facebook, And text messages to communicate with the victimized students. There are many other cases just like this. Also, Teachers should be able to have their freedom outside of school. They should be able to post themselves partying with the girls, Or congratulating their friend on having a baby without worrying about their students seeing this.

  • It's normal if both students and teachers use social sites to congratulate each other or discuss some questions on school project or something like that

    There are many situations when a teacher or a student needs to contact each other to solve some curriculum questions. They can discuss some projects or if a student is ill but wants to study the material at home he can consult his teacher because not always the classmates are helpful. There are many out of class activities where a teacher can involve a student who has been ill and doesn't know about these activities. Yes, The teachers shoulld have their private space but any social site has nothing to do with privacy. I'm sure, Teachers are not interested in the "spying"upon their students. They have much work to do.

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