• Why group all teachers because the actions of a few?

    So because you hear stories about a few teachers not knowing the material they teach and having relationships with students, you automatically assume that all other teachers are the same? That is like assuming that everyone is a killer because killers exist. I do agree that teachers should get paid more but to pay them a 6 figure salary is also ridiculous.

  • That's a big blanket

    There are teachers that are unprepared. There are teachers that are "bad".

    Teachers need to be paid better, get more respect, and a list of other issues with the profession. They don't need more blanket acquisition, and getting lumped into a heap with pedophelia's and incompetents.

    4 more 3 words.

    Posted by: TBR
  • That's what I'm working toward.

    I am spending a considerable amount of time and effort into ensuring that I am qualified to teach English to secondary school students. Throughout my learning years I have had many teachers, and some were better than others. Some were scary, some were inspiring. It all depends on who the person is.

    Why compare all teachers to one another? That would be equivalent to comparing all singers to each other. Taylor Swift is very different than Johnny Cash, and he is very different than Rihanna, who is very different than Nicki Minaj.

  • Overall yes, they were prepared for this.

    Teachers undergo a certain amount of time and effort to certain subjects, therefore they should be able to teach it. Their education in college is dedicated to teaching others their knowledge. My complaint though is that schools should have higher standards in how they pick their teachers. Some schools have lower standards just so they can easily hire a needed teachers, this is why we have bad teachers. I have seen brilliant teachers that teacher very efficiently, but have some horrible qualities to them. I go to a college prep magnet school that is highly rated, we have intelligent teachers, but some have qualities that teachers should absolutely not have. Such as being racist, prejudice, ignorant, or simply don't know how to handle students correctly.

  • Teachers are immature and unprepared.

    1. Teachers are immature.

    There is always new news stories about a teacher who had sexual relations with a student. This is an increasing problem in schools today. Teachers are going into schools at a young age and are not mature enough to know how to be a professional when working with students.

    2. Teachers are unprepared.

    Teachers are not given the proper education in college to know how to deal with situations, nor are they given adequate content knowledge. If a teacher studies mathematics for 4 years, takes a content test, and gets licensed to teach math, they can also teach any other subject as long as they pass a content test. This is unfair to the students, parents, and society. Without knowledgable, qualified teachers the education of children fails.

    I suggest that:
    1. The minimum age that teachers can enter a classroom as a full-time teacher is 25.
    2. Teachers can only teach the subject that they have a degree in.
    3. Teachers cannot be granted tenure, but are offered a 6-figure salary instead.

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