• Teachers aren't poor, per se--

    But there is a legitimate argument for the fact that they're influencing our children. As the child's first and foremost connection to the "real world" in the form of lessons and sometimes the teacher's opinions, they should be given incentive to be fair and caring. Many teachers are already competent, but having to worry about finances will only get in the way of what they are there to do.

  • Yes oh my god.

    How come LeBron James makes 30.96 million dollars when the average teacher makes only 55k? That's about a 547th of what LeBron makes. Without teachers, there would be no doctors, lawyers, basketball players, singers, dancers, actors. Teachers are the most important job! So in my opinion, they really deserve a lot more money.

  • I believe that teachers should get paid more then they are currently being paid.

    I believe this because education is very important and I believe that the teachers that make you crave information and make you motivated to persue what you want to do are not given enough for all that they give us. And if you think about it the only reasons doctors exist are because teachers taught them as adolescents, and so then they can be inspired to be a doctor but who knows maybe they wanted to be a dotor since a kid.

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