• Yes, and training should be offered.

    People are so hung up on titles. If a teacher goes through the same gun safety training as a police officer, why prevent them from carrying in a school? It's ridiculous to force teachers into a situation where they may have to sit around helpless, waiting for the people with the guns to show up and protect them and their students. Cutting out the waiting time for the police to arrive could have saved so many lives.

  • Gun free zones don't work!

    Gun free zones don't work. They just keep honest people from being disarmed. We protect our leaders, our celebrities, and our money with guns, but we send our children to school every day with a sign that says "No guns allowed". This has to be changed! If teachers were trained and armed, our children would be safer!

  • If students are armed too

    If teachers are armed, so too should children be. Both shall have training, of course. If not, who would protect the students from a crazy teacher with a gun until the police come? The only way to stop a bad teacher with a gun, are good students with guns. Just a thought. ..

  • Yes, teachers should be armed.

    It take on average a Police Officer to arrive at a school, when notified, ten minutes. That is plenty of time for a shooter with an automatic to plow through students and staff. If the teachers are armed, they could prevent the situation from even happening. This can be the ultimate defensive against murders. Killers are not going to abide to "No gun allowed' sign.

  • Schools are constantly under attack.

    If we just put signs up and say no guns allowed that will not stop a gunman from still waliking in and unleashing deadly force. Teachers or someone should be armed in order to defend themselves from a attacker. The thought that a sign is going to stop someone from doing something they want to do.

  • Gun Control Gets Us Nowhere

    Giving teachers guns, or at least a weapon, is a very good idea. We need to have a way to protect students. As a student, I very much support this. In probably nine out of ten cases, the police will not be able to get to a school fast enough with unarmed teachers when a psychopath gets into a school. Plus, it seems like more and more school shootings are happening. How will we be able to stop shooters without weapons?

  • R u srs.

    What if a guy comes in school and takes the gun and then shoots everyone but like the teacher would not have anthing to blow him off win this. So this is a bad idea. Why would u do that u idiot. . . Like BREHHHH this is a bad idea

  • Ridiculous idea. I resent it vehemently!

    I'm assuming that this would be required in all schools.
    1. Liberal and/or highly religious teachers that are against the possession of guns and killing will protest this proposition and possibly quit their jobs causing a demand for teachers.

    2. Money wasted on something as unrealistic and unconstructive as this (guns and ammunition) will decrease expenditure on paramount priorities such as ergonomics and salary.

    3.Training teachers to kill when needed, or shall I say "needed" will reveal teachers true colors (I'm hinting that the teacher might shoot up the school). Bear in mind that police are told to do the same thing, shoot when needed that is. They are basically trained to perform the most serious of the many tasks that policemen are expected to execute.

  • NO. This would create more problems.

    1) Not all teachers are capable of even using a gun. We risk arming someone that could end up making the situation worse. Not only that, but teachers could easily abuse their power if they were allowed to freely carry guns around. They could totally threaten students and no one would know.

    2) How would that make a student feel safer? Schools should be sanctuaries, and we should be working towards that. Knowing that all the people around you are armed with firearms might just make them more anxious or less willing to go to school. I know I wouldn't want to go to school if all my teachers brought guns with them.

    3) Do you really want schools to turn into prisons? That is exactly the path we are heading towards. In my school all the doors have alarms on them, like a prison. There are schools that regularly check book bags for weapons too (on a daily basis.) Sadly enough, school food is even comparable to that of a prison. They might as well be labeled the same thing.

    4) This will NOT necessarily decrease school shootings. The shooter will have his/her guns out first, and the moment the teacher tries to reach for the gun I will guarantee they won't be able to shoot in time. It's just logic.

    5) What if a student finds the gun? Do I really have to point out what will happen if one of the students finds and steals the teacher's gun? This will just make it easier for shootings to happen.

    Why would anyone want this? Has the world become so obsessed with guns that literally anyone and everything needs to become an army? Should we arm children next? Our pets?!?!

  • Security Risk Outweighs Benefits

    I do not think anyone in a school, aside from an SRO where appropriate (and even then, not really) should be armed.

    There is an inherent risk, having a firearm present. How do we know the teacher will use it responsibly, not as an enforcer of the rules? If a student won't stay in their chair, why not point a gun?

    The risk of a school shooting is remote, very remote. When they happen they happen on two years basis, maybe? Arming teachers is a massive cost for the few shootings that occur. And no, it's not a moral pledge to do so - because the school shooting argument fails. You know what schools are shot with? Assault rifles, rifles, something a little stronger than a pistol.

    A pistol is the maximum you can even justify arming a teacher with - what are you going to give them, a Bushmaster? Train them to use a long rifle indoors? It's simply not practical. Simply going out and saying "we're going to give teachers rifles for security" - explain how the teacher is trained? The rifles are paid for? The rifles are kept up to date? The teacher is a better shot than a school shooter? Unlikely - and if we're using a rifle argument then we've already established that we're following a school shooting argument. Let the officer keep the peace, not a teacher. Unless we want to arm them with full combat gear and M16s to stop school shooters.

  • Teachers SHOULD NOT have guns.

    If a teacher is not trained properly than they could be a danger to the students. Having more bullets flying doesn't help the situation. Plus what happens when a student finds the teacher's gun and snaps or the teacher snaps? Teachers having guns put everyone in more danger and the teacher would most likely not want to shoot one of their students.

  • What is wrong with you people

    This proposition is absolutely absurd because of how the second ammendment grants the right to bear arms, however with tht right comes the right to not bear arms, we quit drafting people into the military because it was found to be unconstitutional and this is a similar scenario as that. People who do not choose to operate a weapon should not be forced to

  • Im very disbelieve

    Im very disagree about this motion, do you belive that teacher is have a behavior like a angel? I ever see the case that teacher drink a alcohol. So, if this teacher be armed in school they can kill the student without "sengaja" i think thats all thanks for attention

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