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  • Teachers can teach anything they want.

    Teachers can teach things from advanced math classes to "down with the patriarchy" 101. There are a wide variety of teachers out there, And they aren't all smart. Some even f**k their own students like Melissa Ann Andreini who paid $1, 500 to f**k a fifteen year old boy.

    Doctors are capable of f***ing up too, But they go through 8 years of medical school and actually have to pass things like anatomy and physiology so they understand how to help people when they are in danger. Doctors are there to save lives, Teachers are there to educate. Recently though teachers have been teaching kids some really stupid shit.

  • Doctors should get paid more than teachers

    Nowadays, Doctors play an important role in our society, Especially in Covid-19 period. It is common to see the figure of death caused by this virus. Doctors have to work too hard to compete with this virus in this way. Compare to the teachers, There are a lot of differences. Teacher just have to teach their students and work at safe situation. In contrast, Doctors have to work in bad condition. They can get infection easily, Which is harmful for their health and even make them die. It is a laden threat for doctors. That is the reason why I think that doctors should be received a better wage than teachers

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eyecu says2020-04-25T02:06:40.767
Get paid what you want my loves. . . If you feel you are being taken advantage of in a position then know that you have the power to influence your workplace, Or to create your own working situation that is fair.

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