• Teachers should be paid more than doctors

    We pay for what we value, And the salaries of teachers suggest we don’t value them very much. In fact, We pay more for the people who look after our money than we do the people who look after and educate our children. We expect teachers to have 100% success (look at No Child Left Behind) for measly money, But we pay a good baseball player to hit the ball only 1/3 of the time! Yet we claim that our children are the most important things in our lives and in our futures. Would higher salaries attract better teachers? Possibly. I know good teachers who have left the profession and gone on to much higher-paying jobs. They might have stayed were they making more money. And with more avenues open for women, Bright women are foregoing teaching careers (used to be just about all that was available) and opting for higher-paying, More prestigious careers.

    That said, I don’t know anyone who goes into teaching for the money. People become teachers because they love learning and they love kids, Because education is their passion, Because they believe in the power of education. Money might lure better teachers, But it also might lure worse ones, People who think that teaching is easy and don’t have any enthusiasm for learning. I think most teachers would be happier with their piddly salaries if they had the unmitigated respect of students, Parents, Administrators, And politicians—if they were seen as valuable members of our nation, Rather than the ones who get all the blame for every problem in society. The bottom line, Though, Is that we’re willing to pay for what we value. So until we begin to value the contributions teachers make to not only individual lives but also to our general society, I don’t salaries going anywhere.

    What has always amazed me is the number of truly committed, Truly excellent teachers in our schools, Working against the odds to help kids. Sure, We’d like to make more money, Something more in line with our level of education, But I think those of us who’ve been in the trenches for years could live with the same amount of money if we had greater respect.

  • Teachers should be paid more than doctors.

    People forget that wherever they are in life they had a teacher of some sorts to help them get to where they are. If there were no teachers then there would be no doctors. Teachers provide parental figures and teach more than just the curriculum to young children growing up. A lot of kids look up to their teachers who provide support to everyone in their classes, Some of whom have no support at home. They are also training the next generation of doctors. I personally think it is slightly unfair that a teacher who has worked tirelessly for their students gets paid less than say if a student becomes a doctor, When the student wouldn’t be in the position they are in without the teacher.

    I have seen comments saying doctors have worked especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic which is undisputedly true. However, Teachers have had to work through this period too and even though they are not directly saving lives they are trying to educate their students the best they can in the situation they are in. Who knows, Some of these students may even become doctors later on in life. During the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, Teachers have worked through the usual holidays and half terms we would have had to provide a safe space for vulnerable kids to be - away from abuse and mistreatment they might experience at home. Kids have been known to drastically lose weight over the six weeks summer holidays we have so teachers are putting themselves at risk (obviously not as much as doctors) to ensure that these kids are safe and are in a good mental state.

    I am not saying that doctors should be paid a small amount as I personally think they both should be very high paid jobs, But if I had to chose for one of them to be higher paid, It would be teachers.

  • Teachers are not doctors

    Doctors have to do way more school then teachers and doctors do way more work and when they work there patients life is in their hands with teaching is not that way. Also if you use the argument without teachers there will be no doctors and how about parents get paid because without them there will be no people. So teachers should not get paired more then doctors or the same amount

  • Doctors deserve to make more than teachers.

    I believe that doctors should definitely be earning more money for their professions due to the sheer amount of stress that any doctor could go through. During a pandemic like right now many doctors are seeing patients die in front of their faces while they’re potentially being exposed to COVID19, I understand teachers prepare kids for a future (that is if they’re competent) but doctors deserve more salary because of the difficulty and precision and because they risk their lives during COVID19.

  • Teachers can teach anything they want.

    Teachers can teach things from advanced math classes to "down with the patriarchy" 101. There are a wide variety of teachers out there, And they aren't all smart. Some even f**k their own students like Melissa Ann Andreini who paid $1, 500 to f**k a fifteen year old boy.

    Doctors are capable of f***ing up too, But they go through 8 years of medical school and actually have to pass things like anatomy and physiology so they understand how to help people when they are in danger. Doctors are there to save lives, Teachers are there to educate. Recently though teachers have been teaching kids some really stupid shit.

  • Doctors should get paid more than teachers

    Nowadays, Doctors play an important role in our society, Especially in Covid-19 period. It is common to see the figure of death caused by this virus. Doctors have to work too hard to compete with this virus in this way. Compare to the teachers, There are a lot of differences. Teacher just have to teach their students and work at safe situation. In contrast, Doctors have to work in bad condition. They can get infection easily, Which is harmful for their health and even make them die. It is a laden threat for doctors. That is the reason why I think that doctors should be received a better wage than teachers

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eyecu says2020-04-25T02:06:40.767
Get paid what you want my loves. . . If you feel you are being taken advantage of in a position then know that you have the power to influence your workplace, Or to create your own working situation that is fair.

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