• Yes should have taught better hygiene and less arrogance

    Indian has the potential to become a rich nation but they messed up. Only a few Indians own all of the wealth and the government is super corrupt. They go potty in the street and messed up their holy river. The bathe and drink the water where they throw their feces and burnt dead bodies. They created super bacteria that resists all of the antibiotics they spray.
    A lot of scammers live there where they try to hack and spam call the world. I am too smart so I block them, They are also very arrogant. They believe that they are white people when most of them are brown. They bleck their skin but they are brown and so what if some indian has lighter skin you are not white. Then they think they are chick magnets when in fact they harass women to sleep with them. Only a few indians are good not all of them. Their food is very smelly with weird spices and their religion is fake just as their holy men.

    Now having said all of that I do not hate indian men. I just wished that they got their act together and clean up the messes that they make. They would rather build a nuclear bomb than to build a sewage treatment plant.

  • Irrelevance of gandhian philosophy

    How many of us always stay calm?

    Non-violence is a powerful moral force indeed but to tolerate atrocities on our people is also not a good thing to do. We cannot sit back and show non-violence and tolerance while the so called friendly neighbour, Pakistan breaks ceasefire, Killing innocents, Bombing our people and brewing terrorism against us. China invading our land and illegally expanding in our territory is also the same that we simply cannot sit back and peacefully protest.

    Being self-sufficient is also losing its meaning for the simple reason that we have the right to expand our needs to what is accessible via trade and commerce with other nations. India can produce its own crops and clothes but in order to grow globally, We have to promote import and export of goods with other nations. Changing with time is the need of the situation and denying the same would be foolish. Modi has taken the initiative of "make in India" but has also made advancement in trade and commerce with other countries.

    Satyagraha or fight for good in a peaceful way is also no longer relevant as they are easily ignored unless a problem is created to draw the attention of the ministry. Anna Hazare's India against corruption movement did not produce any result. The lokpal bill could not be passed. Hazare followed the path shown by Gandhiji but his peaceful protests and fasts could not get the government to act upon it showing the irrelevance of Gandhism in today's world.

    Gandhiji believed that industrialization is the root cause of environmental degradation. This is not applicable in the present scenario. We need to develop and move ahead with time instead of sticking back to what has been said and written long back simply because the present is different from what was in the past. Modernization of the teachings is necessary to upgrade it according to the present day scenario.

  • Gandhi's teachings will always be relevant.

    Violence creates violence. . . . You would think we humans could learn this simple fact from our historical experiences. Yet, We love repetition. And we judge others while swimming in hypocrisy. Gandhi understood the necessity of simplicity in life. Expansion is needed in measured doses. Our world obsesses over power (politics) and acquisition (economics) which lead to corruption. Industrialization can lead to the centralization of power and the degradation of the environment. Change is eminent, Yet the simple begets tranquility and unity.

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