• Go team Jacob!

    I think that Bella should be with Jacob because Edward has hurt Bella more like when he left Bella because he thought that it was for her (and his) own good. Whereas Jacob only hurt her once because he didn't know how (and technically couldn't) tell her that he was a werewolf.

  • Team Edward Foreve's.

    Edward Cullen is the more attractive person, exemplified by his messy wave of blond hair, his impeccable bone structure, and his piercing eyes, the color of topaz. He is slender and muscular. In Bella's own words, he is "impossibly beautiful." Edward cares more deeply for Bella, as he's demonstrated time and again in his efforts to maintain a distance from her, knowing that his presence puts Bella in danger. His efforts, however, have been thwarted by Bella, whose clear passion and love for Edward transcend life itself. For Bella, a life without Edward is tantamount to no life at all. Recognizing this, Edward at one point fled the continent to further ensure Bella's safety and attempted to extinguish his own life for her protection. Edward's love for Bella is so profound that he would rather give up eternal life than risk her short, mortal existence. Edward is more suitable husband material, as he is better able to protect Bella. He does not need to sleep, so may stay awake at all hours tending to her needs and warding away threats. Further, he does not need to eat, therefore, in lean times, any and all foodstuffs he may collect will inure 100 percent to Bella. He and his family, moreover, are also very well off, and would be able to better afford Bella the wedding she deserves. Vampires are better than werewolves. As a vampire in the Twilight universe, Edward can run with expediency; he has a super-human strength; he has an impeccable sense of smell; and he can read other people's thoughts. Moreover, Edward suffers none of the downside to traditional vampire mythology. He is unharmed by garlic, holy items or wooden stakes. He is also free to roam about in the daylight; in fact, in sunlight, his skin sparkles, adding to his impossible, Adonis-like beauty. Moreover, vampire movies are clearly better than werewolf movies, as is evidenced by Lost Boys, Nosferatu, Near Dark, An Interview With a Vampire and From Dusk til Dawn, among others.

  • Edward FREAKING Cullen people!

    Bella was so much happier with Edward. Edward was super happy with Bella. And Jacob went and freaking imprinted on a baby. If the situation was reversed, And Bella and Jacob became a thing, Edward would probably go back to what happened when he left Bella - except he’d have nothing to distract him (like tracking Victoria) and would just CURL UP INTO A BALL until Bella eventually died and he’d commit suicide.

  • Team Edward forever!

    Let's face it: Jake might be cute in his teddy bear, Little bro way, But it Edward FIRST. Maybe I wouldn't have minded if Jacob was Bella's number one, But Edward is so much more caring than Black, And he was willing to give up Bella THREE TIMES just so she could have a better life. I don't know about you, But that's as sexy as hell for me. I love overprotective mates rather than anger-issued ones. Plus, It's Bella's choice, And Nessie and Jacob are seriuosly cute together. Like Jacob said, It's the perfect ending, And all you folks on Team Jacob out there have to support your leaders imprint. Am I right?

  • Team Edward is better than Team Jacob.

    Team Edward is better than Team Jacob for the following reasons, Edward has always been Bella's love. Yes, Edward did leave. But it as only to protect Bella. At then end of Breaking Dawn part. 1. Edward was heart broken because Bella died. But when Bella came back, he was extremely happy. In the first movie, Edward only kept his distance from her to keep her safe. As you learn in the last movie, Bella's power is the other vampires powers cannot affect her, she is a shield. From the start, you've known that Bella has never been affected from the other vampires powers. That shows, her life path was always to be with Edward, also to be a vampire.

  • I'm not sure I should select yes, but whatever.

    Let's do a matchup of looks and personalities.

    Jacob is more responsible with a six pack, a bunch of shirtless friends who also have six packs (I could spend a night with them!) and although he is a monster, he does not look creepy when he is not being a monster.

    Edward is creepy, skinny, not blonde, no six pack to make up for it, creepy family, did I say creepy?, and he stares at people while they sleep.

  • Team Jacob all the way

    Here is a list of why Jacob is better:
    Jacob will fight hard until your heart stops beating!
    Because Edward is no help on cold days/nights
    Because Bella wouldn't have started a war if she had loved Jacob instead of Edward
    Because Jacob is sexy as f....
    Because Jake is so so so much HOTTER than pale Edward
    Because Bella wouldn't have to be dead if she's with Jacob
    Because Jacob doesn't sparkle.
    Because you have wolf rides yipee
    Because he didn't leave.
    Because he has a huge heart.
    Because Edward is no help when it is sunny outside.
    Because real men don't sparkle.
    Because no matter how much someone has hurt him (Bella) he still forgives them.
    Because Jacob is a leader and wants the best for everyone.
    Because he would leave his own pack for his love.

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kiryasjoelvillage says2014-02-12T06:13:25.573
Jacob is great and hot in every way!