Tears and Hospital Visits on Bachelor in Paradise: Has Reality TV Gone Too Far?

  • Reality TV always goes too far

    I don't watch Reality Tv. I have no moral objection to it's existence, nor do I believe that the audience it appeals to believes that any aspect of reality TV is rooted in actual reality (Oh sweet lord at least I hope not). Since it is the drama and controversy of crossing the line that always seem to spike the ratings in this particular genre, it's only logical that writers/producers of these shows continually do it.

  • Limits of Reality TV

    It is tempting to draw a line in the sand and say that this particular issue or another is where good taste overrides ratings. The clear truth, however, is that there is a public demand for real, human drama - as exploitative as it may seem. In this particular instance the wisest course of action would be to surrender to the common market - if people will watch, the content will continue to be produced.

  • Yes, reality tv has definitely gone too far.

    I believe that modern reality tv has become ridiculous. People are earning large amounts of money to participate in false and exaggerated situations that are as far from reality as the show can make them. If you advertise something as reality the least you could do is try to make it seem realist, however most modern reality shows don't appear to care about that at all.

  • No, tears and hospital visits are legitimate life events in which reality television aims to capture.

    No, reality television has not gone too far. While shows like Bachelor in Paradise are overly dramatic at times, that is mainly why people choose to watch this type of programming. Viewing another person's problems, laughing at their downfalls, or scoffing at their actions is precisely why reality TV is so entertaining. Watching TV and especially deciding which shows to watch is ultimately the choice of the viewer. For those who feel the content on reality TV is over the top or not believable or even too graphic, changing the channel is a choice we are all afforded.

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