Technology in the classroom: Would you say we are using too much of a good thing?

  • Using too much technology

    Technology can be used for many uses but it also has it's downsides.
    1- all the technology in the school are all connected so if 1 gets a virus, then all the others would get it too.
    2- Bad for you eyesight. Constantly looking at a bright screen would cause the need of glasses for many students.
    3- Students can get of topic and start doing things that are completely off the teacher's teaching point.
    4- Get's addicting. When you think technology is all you need, think again. If you get too obsessed with technology you might start to forget how to use actual things like books and toys.

  • Too much technology is a detriment.

    While technology is a boon to modern society, it has certainly taken over people's lives. Schoolchildren who use tablets and computers for every aspect of their days are almost incapable of hand-writing legibly. Will children be able to write their own signature in ten years? As well as reducing the pen-and-paper skills of people in general, technology has a definite impact on a child's ability to interact face-to-face.

  • Kids just need to learn.

    Kids spend time on devices outside of school. In fact, they are on devices far too much of the time. People should allow the kids to have a break while they are at school and just do some good old fashioned learning instead. Math is still math, without a computer. The kids should just focus on learning.

  • Students should be using technology in the classroom.

    Technology helps students a lot in the classroom. It opens up whole new world of resources for students. Technology is the future. By starting to use technology in school it is also helping kids for the future. Kids will be using technology a lot in the future for jobs, college etc. So by starting to use it now it will help them to learn how to use the different apps on the computers and learn to find different resources.

  • Technology is the future.....

    In this advance world where technology is moving very fast and we always need to keep up with it . So making students used to technology at an early stage would help them understood difficult concept which were otherwise difficult for them to understand at an early stage from books and for the teachers to make them understood

  • Technology in the Classroom is Still Very Beneficial

    At this point in time, the presence of technology in the classroom has not reached the level where it should be considered "too much of a bad thing". Because of the presence of technology (computers, mobile phones, etc) in the workplace, it should be utilized by teachers and students in the classroom to best prepare students for transitioning to college and the job markets. Furthermore, it makes many things easier and more efficient for students, such as research and group projects.

  • No such thing as too much of a good thing

    Technology is what keeps us moving forward in the world. Technology is the basis for nearly everything anymore, and is prevalent in nearly all industries, from agriculture to medicine. Teaching kids how to work with technology to make things easier and more efficient is the right way to go, and teaching them young gives them a jump start.

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