• Technology is Good

    Throughout human history, new inventions and new technology have been invented to make peoples lives easier. With each such spur in technology, a select number of doomsday prophets have claimed that the latest technology will lead to human demise. The same has been said of the digital age, but the technology is a positive development.

  • It wont be

    Because if technology in general would kill us then we would be dead by now technology is the progress of man and woman. We the people of the world have gone through evil creations but if you think about the good that comes with technology then you see that technology has saved more lives than it has killed.

  • Technology is good and bad.

    I am saying it is good and bad but mostly good. I only have to say one thing to prove my point. 911, yes 911. Without technology, we wouldn't have phones to call for help when we really need it, also hospitals wouldn't be able to develop new cures and research. Technology might get you into the hospital, but without it, your sure as heck not gonna get out well.

  • Technology will be the death of us

    How many times have you been driving and felt bored and pulled out your phone to entertain yourself?
    When we pull out our phones to text or go on social media; this distracts us when we should be focusing on the road. A single car is around 4,000 pounds. A car going 40 miles per hour will devastate anything in its path... This will be the death of us.

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