• Ted and Dahmer, 2016

    Ted Bundy would be the greatest president that we'll ever get. Just imagine everything he'd do! He'd find reasonable approaches to today's hottest issues, from gun control to immigration to drug legalization. And that's not to mention his VP pick, Jeffrey Dahmer. He's do everything he could to advance LGBTQIAPXYZLMNOP123+ rights. Who cares if they're both dead? They're still better than the ones we have now!

  • Ted Bundy for president.

    I personally think that Ted Bundy for president would have been great because he had already did a campaign and the campaign was a success. I personally think that Ted Bundy for president would have been a comedy like president but when it was time for work Mr. Bundy would be about his work.

  • People on the other side are not the smartest.

    He is mentally ill, and he is a serial killer. We need someone who understands the American people, is Pro-Life, is supporting the Death Penalty, is against Drug Legalization and is against Medical Marijuana, supports Healthcare as a Right, Believes in a combination of Coal, Oil, and Wind and Solar (mostly coal) to power America, is against LGBT people's Rights, is against Gay Marriage, is supportive of making industrial jobs (such as in factories), is supportive of rebuilding highways, wants to make all illegal immigrants Legal, and wants t

    Like Bernie Sanders!

  • No not likely

    The only Ted Bundy that comes to mind would be the serial killer and I would not necessarily say he would be the best candidate for obvious reasons one being he was mentally ill to say the least and people most likely not vote some one in who does those things. Another reason being he is dead.

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