• Has my vote

    He is the most conservative candidate, and he also shares many of the same values that I do, so I easily identify with him. Identifying with a candidate is not necessarily what would make them a great president of course, but he has a consistent conservative track record and has a strong faith - something this country desperately needs.

  • Ted Cruz for president!

    Ted Cruz is my pick and he got to be the best president if he is president of the us by 2017 I would be so happy but what's your opinion? Ted Cruz or other ? Thank you all for voting ! Ted Cruz is my opinion what is yours ?

  • Religion(church) and state( government) are meant to be SEPARATE !

    Ted Cruz's policies and voting history is too colored by his personal religious beliefs. The constitution is clearly explicit about the separation between church and state aka government in all forms and levels. Although we as a nation have failed the majority of our history to uphold that tenent in many of our laws, both federal and state, over the last few years and especially in the Republican party, it has become run away hysteria, and fear mongering against all religions not Christan, and all views, beliefs, laws, policies and science not defined by the Bible or mostly by THEIR DEFINITION/INTERPRETATION OF THE BIBLE as they see fit and benefits them and their millionaire, corporation donors that fund their political careers. Until CHRISTIANITY IS MADE THE NATIONAL RELIGION, and ALL GOVERNMENT LAWS AND POLICIES ARE REWRITTEN TO REFLECT CHRISTIAN VALUES AS THE ONLY LAW and BREAKING THEM AS CRIMINAL, then ALL POLITICIAN SHOULD NOT BE ELECTED UPON RELIGIOUS VALUES AND POLICIES THAT PROMOTE THOSE VALUES. If they want to promote religious values they are free to become a priest, preacher, oman, sheik, spiritualist, guru, whatever RELIGIOUS leader they want. If their right under the freedom of religion act. They ARE NOT free to become POLITICAL leaders who can write and pass GOVERNMENT LAWS that promote a certain religions values/beliefs over another.

  • He is a rabid conservative

    Ted Cruz has many political opinions that are insane and illogical, lets start with his stance on abortion.
    Ted Cruz believes that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of unborn babies. I would deduce this is a way to bend what stem cell research is about, which saves lives. He wants to ban Planned Parenthood as well which is denying an accessible social right. Not only does Ted Cruz want to ban Planned Parenthood he also wants to criminally prosecute them for murder which is completely illegal, frivolous and insane.

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