• Although he may not be eligible, he has the Character and endurance

    To pull it off. The man plays a long game. Everyone keeps talking about silly his filibuster was and how radical his base is.
    He is the only Politician who enjoyed a sizable boost in popularity from the shut-down. This guy is adored by the Conservative voters, because he actually does what he promised to do.

    I personally find him brilliant. His filibuster was an excellent move. Why?
    In every Republican district across America, Senators and Congressmen campaigned on one issue:" I will repeal Obamacare, if I'm elected."
    Ted Cruz stood for 21 hours and read letters from the voters. For 21 hours, all of the GOP had an opportunity to support him. Either through speaking, or simply by standing next to him.

    11 people showed up.....And now the Conservatives know exactly who to replace in 2014.
    Teddy is playing the long game. It was never about "stopping a vote for Cloture".
    Only CNN viewers would believe that.

  • He has guts

    To stand at the Senate floor for sixteen hours, that takes real guts. I don't think I could have done that. 16 stinking hours. My legs would have given out after standing that long. I believe to get our economy turned around, we need a President with the ideals and guts of Ted Cruz.

  • Cuz hes the only smart senator

    The reason he should run for the president of the united states of America is because he is truly the smartest Senator in the United States of America. First of all he is from Texas which is the most powerful state in the country. And the Dallas Mavericks Rule . The only person that I would vote against Cruz is SCHWARZENNEGER

  • An easy Dem. Win.

    Even if Cruz was eligible to be president too many people dislike him to win. IF he were in a prmary race the election would come down to a lesser of 2 evils vote. Given Cruz's dislike status the American public would elect just about anyone else.
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  • Principles Principles Principles

    Do the right thing according to your principles. Ted Cruz is predictable because he makes principled decisions, not political - opinion polled decisions. O is principled. I can predict what O will do and why, because of O's principles. I don't agree with O's socialist principles. I can predict Ted Cruz's decisions would be much like my own, because he has a moral base much like my own. Therefore, I would vote for him. If there are a lot of people like me, and the American CITIZENS vote with their principles, Ted Cruz or someone like him will be President in 2016. So far, Ted's the Best.

  • Ted Cruz is Awesome!

    Ted Cruz does not give a damn what the RINOs want. He stands up for what he, and a vast number of Americans believes in. He is not timid or flimsy, unlike countless politicians who could be named. When you stand with Cruz, you know what you are standing for. Keep Cruzin' my friend.

  • Because he can

    Regardless of whether Ted Cruz would make a good, well-qualified president for the country, as already stated by numerous individuals before me, he was born in Canada and therefore is not even eligible to be even considered for nomination.

    This is therefore not a debate, but rather a non-conceptual question of legitimacy.

  • YES he is a true defender of the Constitution and of freedom

    Ted Cruz is fighting for the principles this country was built on. He would put this country back on the right track. He's not afraid to upset a few people unlike the stupid man that was elected president. We need him or Rand Paul. Democrats obviously do not care that we are falling deeper into debt and this is all that the Tea Party Movement is concerned with.

  • He has balls that RINOs do not have

    As a third generation democrat I do not support the "hate America first democrats." Obama is the worst President in history. His supporters should be given the Lies of the year award. Corrupt democrats and gutless republicans do not bode well for this nation. All democrats up for re election should be defeated and well as republican leadership.

    Also if Obama and other high level blacks were white they would have already been impeached. This is the most corrupt administration in my lifetime if not history.

  • 100% YES for a very Simple Reason

    He truly fights for the American people. He honors the Constitution and the Founders. And he is very clear about his perspectives, and he dos't waver when making decisions. He's young and passionate about his job. He brings a world of good influence that can turn our government around. Vote for him. We really don't have much too lose considering the current situation in Washington.

  • Are you serious?

    Ted Cruz appeals to the radical ultra right wing, ultra conservative Armageddon type of doom day sayers. This is just pure lunacy. This man has no vision for the United States, for a bountiful future, for abundance, or the re-creation of a great nation as so much for 'praying' for the end days, destruction, 'me, me, me' attitude and to be the ultimate judge over all that don't mirror his delusions and separatist attitude. I think those who support him forget he is not an American and he is a child of a communist. This may be the biggest ruse portrayed against Mom and apple pie since McCarthy.

  • Well he can't really.

    But why would you want him? He's extremist. He could never garner moderate votes. He isn't even intelligent ( I mean really, reading green eggs and ham was NOT a good idea given the subject matter of the book and the debate). On top of all this is that he was born in CANADA and therefore isn't even eligible for the presidency.

  • By Constitutional Definition, He Doesn't Qualify ...

    A U.S. President, according to the Constitution, must be born in the United States. Cruz was born in Canada. Just this year, that fact became public when he gave up his "dual citizenship". While Birthers have complained that Obama ONLY provided a "Certificate of Live Birth" from Hawaii, it is important to note that Cruz cannot even prove that. He doesn't meet the qualifications necessary to run for the Presidency.

  • Ted Cruz is nothing more than a attention hog.

    It does not take guts to stand up on the podium for 21 hours it takes pure stupidity and ignorance. He did do make the filibuster because he was trying to actually prevent something . It was a totally fake filibuster, I don't see how more people can see that. He clearly did it so that he could gain popularity, and to gain more votes. What i don't get is how that everybody can overlook how he is so fake and all he is seeking is attention. He is definitely not suitable for president just think of how many children books he would read during his presidential campaign. He already has burned bridges with republicans and democrats. If Ted Cruz became president the government will turn into a comedy.

  • No; it's unconstitutional

    I respect Ted Cruz. He has made a significant amount of progress in his position. He's a respectable man, and I agree with him on many issues. However, a president must be born in the US in order to be president and vice president. Therefore, he shouldn't be elected. As much as I like him, upholding the constitution is incredibly important for our country.

  • No but not because of the shutdown

    He's an effective, principled speaker and politician who did what the people of TX asked him to do. While I know damage has been done to the GOP, I hardly think what happened is going to affect 2014 or the presidency in 2016. Cruz is good, but not presidential.

    I am disgusted with both parties right now, but at this time, I am inclined to support Rand Paul for 2016.

  • NO Ted cruse shouldn't be it!

    I don't think Ted cruse should be president in 2016 I don't think he is very trust worthy but some people think he is but he does stand up for his rights but not too much even my friends don't trust him so yes I think no he shouldn't be it.

  • Cruz Not Eligible

    Regardless of whether Ted Cruz would make a good, well-qualified president for the country, as already stated by numerous individuals before me, he was born in Canada and therefore is not even eligible to be even considered for nomination.

    This is therefore not a debate, but rather a non-conceptual question of legitimacy.


  • He isn't eligible

    First, he isn't eligible to be President because he wasn't born in the US. Second, he is an extremist, and only represents the views of a small minority of Americans. If he were eligible, I would be strongly in favor of letting him run because the win for his opponent would be so strong there could be no argument that his opponent was not a validly elected President, as so many argue about Obama and Bush Jr. I believe it would be good for the country to have a landslide win.

  • Good grief no.

    Not even just because he's one of the Tea Party fanatics (though that certainly looms large). The man is an extremist who shows a bull-headed and obnoxious refusal towards any and all bipartisanship and compromise, which is something our government can ill afford any longer.
    He also is the sort of slimy politician who first lobbied for a government shutdown and is now whining that it happened- clearly going whichever way the wind blows for popularity points.

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