Teen complains to Hillary Clinton: Is an undocumented immigrant justified in complaining about suffering from a glass ceiling?

  • Who Else Are The Going To Complain To

    The young lady was just trying to get her point across. It does not mean we have to agree with her viewpoint. If people think Hilary Clinton might run for President, then if I was in her shoes, I would complain to Hilary too. Besides, I am sure the young lady is in this country illegally by her parents and not her own doing.

  • Yes, any person may complain to Hillary Clinton.

    Yes, an undocumented immigrant is justified in complaining to Hillary Clinton about a glass ceiling. Hillary Clinton is engaged in public speaking prior to a likely run for public office. Any person who wishes to address her regardless of immigration status has that right. The status of a questioner has no bearing on the right of that person to address a public figure.

  • We have to have rules.

    No, an undocumented immigrants is not justified in complaining about a suffering glass ceiling, because there are procedures that we need to follow in the United States. They or their parents made a choice to bring them here illegally. Unfortunately, we cannot have open borders because we have security and government benefits issues. The undocumented immigrant is a citizen in their native country, where they enjoy those benefits.

  • No, she doesn't have the rights of an American citizen, because she's in the country illegally

    No, an undocumented immigrant has no right to complain about a glass ceiling, because she's in the country illegally. She doesn't have the rights of an American citizen. She has no official existence in the country, Any opportunity she gets comes at the expense of an American citizen who actually does have the right to it. I can't believe her nerve, frankly.

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