Teen Mom: Is reality star Farah Abraham a good source of parenting advice?

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  • No, if anything her daughter should be taken away from her.

    One would think having a child would make you become a more responsible adult. Not in the case of Ms.Abraham and it doesn't help that she treats everyone she comes in contact with as children she is what is wrong with America today. Self-serving/entitled brats having children at an early age and acting like the world owes them for giving birth at 16. She needs to grow up and take care of her kid and stop making sex tapes.

  • No, Farrah Abraham from Team Mom is not a good source for parenting advice.

    I would not take parenting advice from Farrah Abraham. She spends a large quantity of her time in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. She has furthered her fame by creating sex tapes and pornographic films. I wouldn't want my daughter participating in those activities, so I don't find her a worthy person to base my parenting styles off of.

  • Teen Mom Farah Abraham is not a good source of parenting advice.

    What has happened to us as a nation? When our values have become so skewed to think that an MTV pregnant teenager is a sound voice for parenting advice, we have truly lost our way. At some point we stopped striving to become better educated and courteous people and began to emulate the lowest common denominators of society, of which Ms. Abraham inhabits.

  • Farah Abraham still needs to grow before giving advice.

    Although Farah Abraham has grown immensely as a person, she still needs to grow and work on her own issues before she gives parenting advice. She seems like a very good parent, but yet at times she still seems to have a short temper and needs to continue to work on this and better herself as a parent before she begins to try to help others.

  • No, no "celebrity" is a good source of parenting advice

    Many qualified and articulate sources for parenting advice provide useful information every day through a variety of media. These are people who have carefully studied and experienced the complex and nuanced challenges of raising children. Farah Abraham is famous for getting pregnant at age 16 and making porn films. Why should anyone take her advice about anything?

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