Teen snaps selfie with Buffett, McCartney: Would you do the same action in his position?

  • I would have, but..

    I mean why stand looking like an idiot with them in the background. They are people ask them if you can take your picture with them and sit on the bench. Goddam this is kinda lame for a selfie, I would have liked to have a chat with them after all they seem to be just sitting around not doing much. While they probably would get annoyed I mean why not.

  • As a kid, I would have taken the selfie with Buffett, McCartney

    First of all, I must say many of us are surprised that a teen would recognize Paul McCartney, much less Warren Buffett. Apparently, The very famous musician and the Billionaire who lives in Omaha, Were sitting on a park bench after dinner just having a chat and did not mind when the kid took the selfie. If I was the kid, I would've done just that or something similar because you have to have some fun right.

  • Yes I'd take a 'selfie' with Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney is a second!

    Yes I'd jump at the chance to have a selfie with Warren Buffett and Paul McCartney, they both have reached the top of their respective fields without cutting corners and without compromising their commitment to excellence. They both have earned the respect of their peers and of generations to come.


    I would have done the exact same thing. After snapping the sneak shot, I would approach them in conversation, unless they were busy. Once talking to them, I would ask them for an up close group photo. I could only hope that they would honor my request like the nice gentlemen they are.

  • No, I don't believe I would.

    Very rarely when I am in these types of positions do I think to take out my phone. Usually I am living in the moment and that is the last thought on my mind. I think for this generation of teens and young adults they prefer selfies instead of autographs or stories that get passed along.

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