Teen takes selfie with Buffet and McCartney: Is the selfie real (yes) or was it photo shopped (no)?

  • Looks real to me

    It looks like the selfie is real, although it is very difficult to tell what is real and what is fake these days. Technology has advanced to the point where even video and photographic evidence can not be trusted. If this is a real selfie, then the kid has one heck of a storie to tell.

  • Selfie was real!

    I think that considering they were both seen around the area, that the selfie is real. They really weren't posing with him but were definitely seen out and about that day. The teen just lucked out and got to be in the same place as them and took the oppurtonity to get a picture.

  • Yes, the photo taken with Buffet and McCartney was real.

    When living in a world of photo shop, some images can be hard to believe, but believe it or not, the photo taken is very real. Buffet and McCartney were out on the town for dinner and ice cream in Omaha, Nebraska. Spectators enjoyed their presence and took photos as the two men enjoyed chatting on their night out. The teen in the photo was able to snap a picture with Buffet and McCartney in the background leading to a very memorable photo.

  • I like to think Paul had more street cred.

    Maybe the selfie is real. However, I like to think that Paul would hop into a much trendier pose and maybe even whip out a cheeky smile. Even is it is real, this photo doesn't damage my respect of either figures in any way. What are they doing in Nebraska anyway!?

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