Teen Titans Go! Should be taken off he air because it ruins the standards set by original show.

Asked by: shaddamcorrinoIV
  • It is simply not as good

    TTG is just a kid's cartoon, and lucky that it succeeded. Teen Titans was at least more realistic and HAD A RELATIONSHIP FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Starfire loved Robin and he loved her. In TTg this is just a traditional thing of a boy chasing a girl, and she clearly doesn't give a crap about him. Now that is just mean. What pisses me off the most is that TTG is aired internationally but Teen Titans was not! And Teen Titans was clearly better. I do not know why Cartoon Network failes to realize that!

  • Yes it should be taken off!!!

    It’s just very cringy, I’m not sure why they even made this. They do sound desperate to to get kids to watch it, but it’s just ret@rded, I do admit It was funny at first. Plus I had hopes that they were going to bring back the original with this one, but it’s jusy so so dumb.... I just can’t belive they remade the original with other characters who are really dumb. This makes me sad. I want the original back!

  • This show is insulting

    This show constantly insults it's viewers sometimes directly like the fourth wall episode and sometimes indirectly by making complete episodes where the Titans just act like dicks to everyone. Not to mention they dumbed Cyborg and Starfire down by a long shot and it's annoying to the point I want to just kill whoever was stupid enough to create this abomination.

  • The show made a very offensive episode

    Teen titans go made a episode where it offended British people by saying that british people only drink tea and not soda. Bitch my friend is british and he drinks soda and tea. In the episode while robin was singing he had a bunch of fat and ugly americans.I'm not saying that americans are fat and ugly teen titans go is saying that.I'm american and i'm not fat and ugly. The animation is lazy as hell and the jokes are so painfully unfunny i couldn't even watch the full episode with out cringing.In the first few episodes it was a bit funny but now it just seems like cartoon network is desperate to get more money and make kids laugh. But clearly it's not working the show is for little kids but once kids grow to 8 9 or 10 years old they won't like the show any more.So cartoon network please end this show

  • Cartoon Network will never recover

    The more CN airs this show, the less time there is for other better shows. It's opportunity cost, simple economics. If you have a limited time to watch television or internet videos, you're less likely to find good shows because Teen Titans Go takes up litterally half of each broadcast day. Since scheduling means that kids only tune in to this show, there is no longer any incentive for them to produce and nurture their good cartoons.

  • I hate this show.

    I hate this show, because they simply took whatever made the original show awesome, and just threw it out the window with disgusting toilet humor, misleading episode titles like "The Return Of Slade", and on top of that, they even have the audacity to make fun of us fans of the original show, and even use clips of the original show, but re-dubbing them. The original show had meaning. It had heart and soul put into it. And I want them to bring it back for more seasons. This god-awful new show is nothing but immaturity, and it needs to be discontinued. In favor of bringing back the original show which is miles better.

  • The characters are far too silly and Robin is just a freakin selfish jerk now who only wants to hit stuff

    I've watched a few eps myself, and I have to say that I find this series embarrassing. Especially with Robin. Character development is a major deal, and this show has none of it. I miss Robin's caring and understanding side. Hes not a big jerk 24/7. Hes more then that! Not to mention how ridiculous Beast Boy and Cyborg are now. I mean FOR REAL!? And Starfire......She's so dumb now. Why is silliness becoming more important then anything else!? For the sake of Richard Grayson GET RID OF THIS SHOW!

  • I completely agree:

    This show is a failure, a disgrace, and a cash grab for views in a desperate attempt to upset the balance in the world by profiting off of the young ignorant masses of kids who just don't understand that they should boycott, not ascribe to, low quality filth that is designed solely to make money off of them.

  • NO it shouldn't!!!

    The new show brings in some of the features from the old show, while bringing in a new style of graphics and comedy that children will understand and enjoy( except maybe for some of Starfire's remarks). Plus,there's a lot of people that love the new show and would be crushed if it was taken off air (including me), so no, that would be a bad idea to take it off air.

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