Teens and Hookah: Has hookah become the latest trend among teens and young adults?

  • Yes, Hookahs have become a theme.

    Yes, Hookahs have become the latest trend among teens and adults. It's a way for young adults to socialize and party with other people their age. But while it isn't necessarily bad for their health, it is a practice that might lead to other types of behavior like smoking cigarettes.

  • Hookah seems to be a rising trend

    Hookah seems to be a rising trend among teens and young adults. There are now Hookah bars/clubs in many major cities and even some in smaller metropolitan areas. Hookah clubs have also been featured on TV in fictional shows as well as on "reality" shows like Bar Rescue. It's got a high profile and is becoming trendy.

  • Hookah is Not the Latest Trend, But It's Still a Problem

    Hookah is not the latest trend, but it still is a trend among teens. It is one of many ways in which teenagers try to use artificial means to get a drug high. There are so many dangerous substances out there. Some people say hookah is not really dangerous, but it can still be a gateway, and it makes light the use of mood-altering substances.

  • No, Hookah is not the latest trend.

    Hookah has existed for centuries and has been introduced into Western cultures as early as the 1800's. It was featured in many incarnations of Alice in Wonderland as the drug of choice of the Blue Caterpillar, and was popular in the 1960's and 70's. The rise in hookah shops in communities is often associated with the presence of middle eastern immigrant communities. Hookah may be more popular currently among white people, but it is not exactly a new trend.

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