• Seriously most teens have it good

    Teens in poverty. *blows a rhapsberry* unless you're talking about kids who are abandoned, teens are not the group biggest in poverty. Teenage poverty implies that poverty can actually exist in a group. No such a thing, man. White teens have it easy. They have parents who have a nice home (many don't love them but that's besides the point)>

  • Only an idiot would deny that teens dont live in poverty.

    Anyone who has read anything said by Adam2 knows that Adam2 is completely irrational about almost every topic you can talk about. He lives in his own little world not compatible with reason or science, and his beliefs will reflect that until the end of reality itself. Its a good thing that Adam2 spends all of his time in the opinions section because if he spent any time anywhere else on the site he would be laughed off of here back to sodahead where he really belongs. Teenage poverty does exist, and the idea of teenagers living in poverty is no laughing matter, even for someone who doesnt have more than 2 functioning brain cells (which is what the 2 in Adam2 stands for)

  • Are you joking?

    Of course their are teens in poverty, it fact it has become a big problem in the LGBT community due to families rejecting their children fro being gay. Their are also teens growing up in impoverished families which could be slightly remedied with better access to birth control and sex ed.

  • No but it depends...

    Parents will likely stop 'luxuries' for their children when they're 18. Teens will struggle to find anything other than a low paying job when juggling it with further education and a social life. Having cold parents, being proud and wanting their own independence can make teens in poverty very real.

  • I can't really understand what you're saying...

    If you are saying that teens being in poverty is a stupid idea, then yes it would be a stupid idea. If you are talking about whether or not teens are in poverty, and the idea that some kids are in poverty, then no it is not a stupid idea. Many people are impoverished, teens, children, adults, it doesn't matter.
    There are too many people who are impoverished, and we need to do something about it. (Though I am not a teen myself, I can attest to the fact that they do exist, having met many before.)
    Also, please try to word your questions better, as it can make it easier to understand what you are trying to talk about.

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