• Yes, most Palestinians want peace.

    The killings in Isreal were done by militants. An entire group of people should not be judged by the acts of radicals. While the militants continue to threaten and to commit heinous acts of violence most of the Palestinian people do not condone these actions. But, the violence will continue as long as there are militants on both sides firing rockets and killing the innocent.

  • Yes, I think everyone does

    As with all conflicts, this is a complex situation that has no simple answer; however, at the root of it all I think that both sides just want to live peacefully without fear or hatred. How to achieve that is a much more complicated answer, which I don't expect we will see a resolution to any time soon.

  • No they do not want peace

    I feel that Pakistan is still a huge problem, and does not want peace and is supporting every effort to make sure that the violence continues to happen. I am sure there are some people who would like peace but the Government still is making bad choices. The violence will continue and as long as they claim they want peace don't think there is any consequences.

  • They want to annihilate Israel

    No, the Palestinians do not really want peace, because they will not be happy as long as Israel continues to exist. If you give the Palestinians an inch, they want the rest of Israel. They will not accept Israel's right to exist, so we need to do our job and make sure that Israel has our support and military defenses.

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