• Television leads to violence

    Television is a vast source for entertainment. Today people not feel bore in their houses.T.V provides them entertainment, knowledge as well as news about what happening in the world. But is t.v. always helps people? No. As we know every coin have two faces same is happening here. Watching t.v. more often would affect your eyesight and it might also brought headache. But this can be cure easily. But the main thing why t.v. is dangerous is because it leads to violence. People especially children see lot of violent programmes in t.v. that affect their mind. Sometimes they also want to copy that thing.For ex:suppose they are watching some violent show like CID . Now in that they that someone killing some other person with knife then they will also try to know that how with knife a person can be killed and they also try this which not only injured themselves but someone else also.So exceedity of anything bad and same is with television.

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