Television under 13 years old children should not be allowed

Asked by: UniquePerson
  • Yes They Should.

    Children spend way too much time on watching T.V. Most of hte time, it is just a load of junk, especially kids animated baby cartoons. What's more, the children also mimik the characters they like and see as a role model. They start behaving badly and get lower grades, as a result.

  • What? I love this website.

    I love how things like this can be taken seriously. It is insanely funny. I really have nothing other to say. So I'll just paste lyrics to Oh JK Rowling down here.
    Oh JK Rowling
    What are you Doin' with your time
    Givin' all your money to charity
    And I guess that sounds just fine but I'm
    Wondering if you've got
    Just a couple more jots
    Maybe you could I dunno
    Crack a laptop
    Do it as a favor for me
    Do it for the kids or do it for charity yeah
    Do it for the HPA Oh
    I don't really care just do it today

    I'm giving you absolute creative freedom
    Maybe you could write up a screenplay
    Or a prequel musical for Broadway
    Or collaborate on a comic with Joss Whedon
    Or a mini series for the BBC
    Any of that sounds good to me
    I suggest you avoid cartoons or giving Fox a chance to cancel you
    And after considering this one pretty carefully
    Please don't make an MMORPG
    Cause that would total destroy my productivity

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