Television under 8 years old children should not be allowed

Asked by: UniquePerson
  • Lack of control

    Television or the internet give people outside of your home the ability to influence your kids in ways you might agree or may not agree with. And age restrictions can be easily violated.

    Of course, too little of something is equally bad, that's why audio visual information needs to be controlled to the max and the only way to do that is to avoid tv channels where you have no control over, just like internet should be kept away from children.

  • Too much restriction

    It makes sense if you don't want a 1 year old child to watch television, but television under 8 years old is restrictive. It's like not giving access to the internet for a child until they turn 11, it's just not going to work out and the child will complain until they are allowed to watch TV again.

  • TV is the essence of this world

    When I was 6, television kept me and my brother quiet while my mom was working on her college degree. Without television, mothers across the country wouldn't be able to do anything with little crazies running around. If you get rid of TV, you get rid of a mom's sanity.

  • Children learns lots of stuff with the help of TV

    Childrens can learn lots of good and interesting things by watching TV.If the childrens started to like some cartoons which teachs a what a children should eat or behave.For example a cartoon name "Papay" and the main fact of this cartoon is that the character eats spinach and gets stronger.And by seeing this cartoon 80% of the childrens started to eat spinach which they once hated to eat.And also cartoon teachs childrens english more better or even other languages.

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