Term limits for elected officials: Should limits exist on the number of terms elected officials can serve?

  • Putin, President for Life

    In Russia, you cannot be president for more than two consecutive terms. However, you can be elected as many times as you want as long as you take at least one 4 year break. Vladimir Putin rigs the elections, gets elected twice, then rigs the election so Medvedev gets elected and appoints Putin as his advisor (Put on uses him as a puppet). Then Putin rigs the elections again. This has been going on for years, because they don't have term number limits.

  • Preventing a Tyrant.

    We should limit the number of terms elected officials can serve to prevent tyrants taking over. Most politicians are overcome with power and very corrupt. If one official is in office for too long, lobbyist will stuff their pocket and the officials will no longer vote on what is right and wrong but what big companies and activist groups want.

  • Elected officials should always have term limits.

    I believe elected officials should always have term limits. The longer an official stays in office the more he or she is going to be corrupted by the system and those around them. Not only that, the lifetime politicians that sit in the political system often have old thoughts or cannot understand modern times. Limiting terms will allow younger blood to come into the political system and keep our politics relevant.

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