Term limits for elected officials: Would term limits cause an influx of fresh faces for good (yes) or amateurs for bad (no)?

  • Out with the old in and in with the new

    America needs to complete change the Congress and the House of Representatives. There too many long-term senators and congressmen. The more interested in getting reelected in actually dealing with the issues. This is why it took nearly 7 years to get a new budget. Congress are a bunch of crooks.

  • No, progress takes time.

    Term limits for elected officials may seem the adequate response for some -- Washington politics and continuous bipartisan bickering is hindering the country's development -- but any real change and progression does not come instantly. President FDR served four consecutive terms and later died while in office. During his presidency, he implemented numerous social programs still used to this day, including social security. The implementation of these programs is not something that could have been achieved in one term.

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