Term limits for elected officials: Would term limits ensure that politicians do not become too powerful, and possibly corrupt?

  • Term limits would limit the power of politicians.

    I am definitely in support of term limits for elected
    officials. I don’t think that there’s
    anything we can do to eliminate corruption from public officials. But, term limits could help to minimize the
    power that elected officials are able to obtain. This would also keep public officials
    accountable to the people.

  • Yes, term limits allow for smarter choices.

    Yes, term limits ensure that politicians do not become too powerful and corrupt, because a politician that is term limited will be more likely to make decisions that they honestly believe are in the best interests of the constituency, rather than simply a way to get elected for another term. A person who is term limited is less likely to make connections among the political elite and will make better choices for their constitutents, rather than political friends.

  • No no no

    The people like it how it is. Its been like that for a long time, and altough a bit rocky sometimes, it is still working pretty well. If a congressman is overstepping his power, the people will know to vote him out!! Americans are smart and can go on with life how it is.

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