Term limits for elected officials: Would term limits positively effect issues related to incumbency in elections?

  • Term limits would reduce incumbency

    Incumbents in America win re-election around 90% of the time. This is consistent from state to state and from party to party. The only effective way to ensure that we have a constant stream of new voices in politics is to establish term limits. If we do not do this then we will continue to see Senators serving what amounts to lifetime terms.

  • Yes, term limits would be very helpful

    Maybe if we didn't have so many elected officials sitting in positions they knew they were going to be able to keep just by existing, we wouldn't have so many of them acting like idiots. Maybe if there was some accountability for actions and being elected wasn't just a free ticket to a nice salary officials would try harder to get something done. It's unbelievable we don't already have term limits in place, we need them.

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