• Minecraft Is Better Than You Think!

    Come on man! People say anything is better than minecraft come on man! And think about it minecraft doesn't just have mineing and crafting its improved since you last played and if you still don't like it look at mods and commands and see who is better! I vote minecraft

  • Terraria is better because it has more content.

    The 1.3 update for Terraria adds so much content that I still haven't completed it, even with a friend. Minecraft is completed in a few hours.

    Let's compare:
    Terraria: 15 bosses not including event bosses.
    Minecraft: 3 bosses.

    Terraria: 3646 items.
    Minecraft: 357 items.

    Terraria: 392 enemies.
    Minecraft: A whopping 20 enemies!

    Just look at the content comparisons.
    Use your eyes, people saying Minecraft has more content. (Are you blind?)

  • Its so awesome

    Mincraft has more things than Terrea but terrea is more pixelated so that makes bad graphics lets compare the two terrea has more pixels wich makes bad graphics but minecraft has limted space but minecraft has so many things you can play it on. So much Minecraft is better than Terrea

  • Minecraft is the best

    I really don't understand why anyone likes terria. I mean seriously, you are placed in a 2D world with a bunch of weird stuff in it and stupid graphics. Minecraft places you into the biggest sandbox you will ever experience. While Minecraft does have its own weird spots here and there, in general, the game is much better known and easier to play with than terria

  • Minecraft Is Better

    First off , Minecraft is owned by one of the highest known companies , Microsoft . Second , Minecraft is the game that basically made sand box games a thing . Third , Minecraft is 3-D so it has better graphics . Fourth , it teaches kids about ores for survival , and teaches them to put their imagination into their builds in creative . And fifth , Minecraft has a bunch of servers where you can play fun games with other players .

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nickolas says2016-07-01T00:56:11.237
Dude, why are there so many Terraria vs Minecraft arguments?
nickolas says2016-07-01T00:58:25.477
Last time I said that these are too alike but when I think about it, the only reason why I can't answer this because I can't tell what's better, better controls or better creativity.