• Minecraft is better

    Minecraft is better for a few reasons
    1: Minecraft is better because it's in first person view. You. Can see what's going on better than terraria which is in third person view.
    2: Minecraft has waaaaaaaaay more blocks to chose from. Terraria only has about half of Minecraft's blocks.
    3:Minecraft has way better graphics. Terraria is what I call "Mario" pixelated. Minecraft dosn't have as many sharp turns. I can go on and on if you wish. It's easy.

  • Terraria is much better

    O.K, first, Terraria has over 1300 items to be crafted, more ores, and more that a measly 2 bosses. There are also different kinds of birds, a better trading interface, and you can dig straight down safetly. Finnally, there are more tool kinds, so there is a lot of selection for your battle. That is why Terraria is better that minecraft.

  • Terraria is bae

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  • No not Minecraft

    Or Terraria. They both are completely overrated and are a waste of time. All of you gaming lovers need to get a life and do something else. Sports is the way to go! Oh, and by the way, Cam Newton is the most obnoxious athlete ever. He celebrates after every two yards he gains.

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bradthepsychic says2016-01-29T16:43:29.657
Both are bad, kid.
nickolas says2016-07-01T00:54:23.943
I'm sorry to say, I just can't answer this. They're too alike.