Terror Attack in Israel Leaves Several Hurt, With One American Killed: Will Terror Attacks in Israel See a Sudden Rise?

  • They very well could

    Benjamin Netanyahu is a terrible leader of Israel. He is a terribly polarizing leader. He takes a more muscle and strength approach than a diplomatic one. And that approach is very dangerous and puts Israeli lives at risk. Hopefully, Israelis will have the good sense some day to kick Bibi to the curb and do the real courageous act, which is to get to the negotiating table and talk.

  • As long as there's conflict, there will be terror attacks.

    I'm not sure sudden rise is the right description, but there is a lot of coverage and there seems to be an increase in the number of attacks. Recently an American college student was killed in Israel and I'm seeing reports of more and more bombings. The hostility seems to be on a more than steady increase.

  • Yes, I believe that terror attacks in Israel will see a sudden rise.

    Yes, I believe that terror attacks in Israel will see a sudden rise because Israel is the sworn enemy of most Islamic terrorist organizations and is also scorned by most Islamic countries. Terrorist groups such as ISIS,Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah are encouraging Muslim people to take action and carry out violent attacks on Israeli citizens.

  • Terrorism subsides after violent attacks.

    After an act of terrorism occurs, most terrorists take a break because any further actions of terrorism are harder to enact and less impacting. The terror attack in Israel has already made people afraid, another event would be harder to pull off due to higher security and does not contribute to the scare factor terrorists attempt to achieve.

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