Terror attack in Paris: Is Charlie Hebdo magazine using the attack to promote sales?

  • Charlie Hebdo Is Using The Attack To Promote Sales

    While I do think that the Charlie Hebdo magazine is using the Paris terror attack to promote themselves, I also don't think that there's anything wrong with it. What Charlie Hebdo went through was terrible and they have a right to acknowledge it. Plus it's hard for a magazine to make a statement without promoting sales at the same time.

  • Charlie Hebdo magazine is using the recent attack to drive sales

    Yes, I agree that, following the recent terror attack in Paris, the Charlie Hebdo magazine is using the attack to promote sales. The media has demonstrated the magazine's emphasis on the current attack it suffered, and all publicity is good publicity. This attention will undoubtedly provide a boost in sales for the magazine.

  • Yes, the terror attack created intigue.

    Yes, Charlie Hebdo is using the terror attack to sale more copies of the magazine. Because of the intrigue created by the terror attack, Charlie Hebdo is getting more attention than they would have otherwise. In fact, they are printing over a million more copies than they would have if the terror attack didn't happen. The terror attack has been their best promotional tool.

  • I don't think so

    That is just a terrible question. The sales are probably skyrocketing BECAUSE of the attack. I am sure that they are not using the attack to promote the sales. If anyone thought so they would lose a lot of people very quickly because that is just so totally screwed up.

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