• Sometimes; Depends on the motivation.

    A hate crime is because of prejudice, so if the act is based on a hatred of whites, christians, western society, etc then it is both terrorism and a hate crime. However as BeyondTheBox said there are those that are not motivated by prejudice and these are not a hate crime.

    Since it is hard to know the mind of a stranger there will be plenty of times we can't differentiate if an act is or is not based on prejudice and so don't know if it was a hate crime or not.

  • Terrorism is Sometimes o.K

    It's o.K when when it is against women and other minorities because if there are no minorities there is no prejudice. When the Jews were hated on people sympathized with them, when blacks were made slaves people made ALL slavery illegal. When animals were beaten people created animal rights. Without Nazis we would never have the rights we have today. Problem solved please support me at:
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  • Terrorism is politically motivated

    While most do have these themes involved, terrorism by definition should be violence in pursuit of political aims and belief in this aim is a key reason for terrorist plans to be carefully and methodically calculated. Most modern examples like ISIS, the Taliban and Boko Haram are religious and oppose a group but I would also argue that revolutions such as the killing of Gadaffi are terrorist acts as they are unauthorised violent acts with political motives and don't follow a hate based off prejudices.

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