Terrorist Attack on Bacha Khan University: Should security on campuses around the world be increased to combat terrorism?

  • Yes, security on campuses around the world should be increased to combat terrorism.

    I think that any potential terrorist target should have heightened security. College and university campuses are extremely important to the future of mankind and our advancements in scientific, technology, medicine, and other important areas. We need to double our efforts to protect the younger generation to keep them safe from terrorist attacks.

  • Definitely increase security for campuses

    University campuses are the soft targets that these cowards are attacking. It appears that their only agenda is massive carnage. They want high body counts and the only way to get that is to kill unarmed people. The main way to combat the amount of people being killed is to secure these areas with armed officers so they can meet this force with even more force.

  • Increase security to combat terrorism.

    Yes, security should be increased to combat terrorism. Terrorism has become more real to the world's population since the targets have now increased to include more innocent people. Either the security should be increased, or more people should be encouraged to become licensed to carry guns. I don't think the automatic guns should be allowed to the public sector and that should be more heavily guarded than it is.

  • No, terrorism is very rare worldwide.

    Terrorist attacks happen very rarely. We tend to overestimate the danger of a terrorist attack happening because terrorist attacks always receive news coverage. The chances of a terrorist attack affecting you personally (depending on where you live) are extremely low. However, added security measures may affect your everyday life if you are a student. Some simple added measures could be used, but extensive measures may do more harm than good, and would certainly be an overreaction.

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