Tesla finally garnishes net profit: Will Chief Executive Musk be able to continue Tesla's rebound in profitability?

  • Yes, for a while.

    Yes, now that Tesla is profitable, Chief Executive Musk is on a roll and will be able to keep pulling the company forward. But this will not go on indefinitely. In order to keep being profitable in the long run, innovations need to be made both in the vehicle design and in the way the company is run.

  • Yes, he will.

    Now that the Tesla is an affordable car to make and people have started to understand why it is worth buying it will continue to make a profit as more and more people buy the car. Musk is a genius, and it is a good thing he was willing to wait to make a profit.

  • Tesla seems to have hit the wall

    My personal opinion is that Tesla is trying to be something that just might be too far ahead of its time. Tesla has become a "giant" in high end clean energy vehicles, but they're giants in a small field. The amount of people who are concerned enough to have clean energy vehicles as a whole are low, then toss in the fact that they are expensive even on the low end of the spectrum, and people don't even want those, so to make a high end version of something people barely want when it's ten times cheaper than your product? Doesn't seem profitable to me

  • Probably not a profit

    I'm not a firm no here, but since as of May 2016 Tesla had lots of customers, but no profit. As of September 2016, business sites were reporting that Musk was imploring his employees to deliver on product while cutting costs. However, people are very interested in the electric car, so there's a fairly high market profile, but it doesn't seem that Musk will be able to deliver.

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