Tesla giving up rights to its patents to stimulate electric car innovation: Is Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatening Tesla's future?

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  • No, CEO Elon Musk is not threatening Tesla's future

    No, CEO Elon Musk is not threatening Tesla's future by giving up their rights to their patents. It was going to happen in the future anyway. Rights to patents do not last forever. Domestic technological advances should be open to every one, because unlike military technology it is not a threat to the world. Sharing the patent rights will only allow for the easy adoption of the new technology by a multitude of companies making it more affordable to the average consumer. The increased consumer demand by initiated by the drop in price, will only lead Tesla to make more money.

  • The Industry Needs to Grow

    People laud electric as the future fuel, that will help us do away with mass use of fossil fuels and help towards saving the environment. Currently Tesla are one of the only companies within this industry, and holding the patents means there is very little room for competition and therefore there is no growth. Tesla have done a very smart thing allowing competition, regardless of whether it hurts them in the end, as it will open up the industry and lead to electric cars being affordable to the masses and create wider supporting recharging networks. I find it hard to believe that Tesla will lose their crown, but healthy competition in the short term is most definitely a good thing for them.

  • No, Tesla's future is bright.

    No, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk is not threatening Tesla's future, he's encouraging it. In order for Tesla to survive, more electric cars need to produced and provided to the market. When more electric cars are produced, there will be a need for more electric refueling stations, which in turn will work out as an advantage for Tesla's customers and provide them with more areas for refueling.

  • They have a lot of red tape.

    No, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not threatening Tesla's future by giving up patent rights to stimulate electric car innovation, because Tesla has to fight a lot of government tape in order to be able to produce its cars. Ultimately, they will sell more cars in the long run because the cars will become mainstream. This is a good business move.

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