• Yes Telsa good kar

    Well if it has a 5 star rating, then it must be the perfect kar. There is nothing higher than a 5 star. There is no 6 star, 7 star, 8 star, 9 star, 10 star, 11 star, 12 star, or even 13 star. Therefore it must be the bezt becuz it has highest rating. It must be perfect

  • No, there is no perfect car

    In my opinion, there does not exist a perfect car. Each car has its relative strengths and weaknesses, which are themselves subjective and partly depend on whatever the consumer values and wants in an automobile. Besides, other cars have earned five-star crash ratings in the past. Only history will tell how well the Tesla Model S is in comparison to its peers.

  • There is no such thing as perfect car, even with a 5 star crash rating

    A car could certainly be called the best possible or safest car, but to call the Tesla Model S a perfect car would be deceptive. There will continue to be advancements in auto making which will surpass this car. With advancements will also come changes in how we rate cars, so this could really be argued as a lack of adaptation and advancement in the testing and ratings system to keep up with the times.

  • No because there is no such a thing as a perfect car.

    A five-star safety rating is definitely a good thing, but that doesn’t make the model a perfect car. First ,the term perfect is subjective. Each person has an idea of what perfect is in his or herr mind. It’s impossible for a car to be perfect, but it is a very cool car.

  • I don't think Tesla makes the perfect car.

    Tesla is an impressive car company that has brought the automobile to the next era. However, I don't feel Tesla makes the perfect car. It has a ways to go in making the average automobile obsolete. Once prices are within reason for the average person to be able to purchase one, then Tesla may be known for making the perfect car.

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