Tesla Model S's roof is so strong it broke the testing machine used to crush car roofs. Would you consider buying a Tesla?

  • Yes, I would consider buying a Tesla.

    Yes, I would consider buying a Tesla if it were affordable to me. The technology in Tesla cars represent a more sustainable future with a decreased burden of human labor, and investing in this technology is an investment in greater automation, fuel efficiency, accident safety and use of alternative energy.

  • I definitely would.

    I was a passenger in a car accident, no one was at fault, a tire just blew out and it was terrible. If the Tesla S has a super strong roof then I would definitely buy it. I wish car manufacturer's would take even more steps to make a car safe. Accidents in general are terrible but accidents in a moving vehicle are worse.

  • It is cutting edge.

    Tesla has a different way of doing business. They have a different brand, led by a different kind of inventor. They have unique solutions to the fossil fuel problem that is cars. They sell directly to the consumer, which retailers don't like, because it cuts into profits. They are a smart buy.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Tesla reported their raw score as being "higher than five stars!" (In fact, they also did some sketchy math and claimed that they received a "5.5 star rating" when there's literally no such thing.) The NHTSA only allows manufacturers to report their official star rating so that every car can be graded on a common scale that's easily comprehensible to consumers. Tesla was breaking the rules they agreed to when they had their car tested by the NHTSA, so the NHTSA got quite upset. This wasn't a conspiracy, it's that Tesla was breaking a rule designed to prevent manufacturers from advertising misleading information about their test scores.
    Ford, Toyota, etc. all have cars that have 5-star safety ratings and almost certainly achieved a raw score in excess of that required to qualify for a five-star rating. However, because those companies obeyed the rules that they agreed to and did not disclose the raw scores, we don't know whether or not they scored higher or lower than the Tesla.

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