Tesla Motors Into Georgia: Should Georgia allow direct-to-consumer car sales?

  • Yes, I think they should allow direct to consumer sales.

    Yes, I think they should allow direct to consumer sales. I think it would be very good for the company and for constomers as well. I shoure it will be a good idea that can really take off and help them oput allot as a buisness. I think they have a company that can handle this.

  • Yes, Georgia should allow customers to buy cars direct from the company.

    I believe that it's time that Georgia allowed car buyers to purchase vehicles directly from the companies that manufacture them. There is nothing wrong with the usual habit of buying cars from dealerships, however I don't think there is anything wrong with cutting out the middle man either. Give Georgia residents a choice!

  • Cut out the middle man.

    Yes, Georgia should allow direct-to-consumer car sales, because it would end up with lower prices in the end. This would be better for the consumer. The manufacturer knows the car the best, and they can do the best job selling it to the customer directly. Lower prices would be better for everyone but the middle man.

  • Georgia Should Allow Direct to Consumer

    Georgia Should Allow Direct to Consumer because it would make sales so much more affordable to everyone. Cars, especially Tesla cars are quite expensive. This way, Americans can own an Amercan-made car at a better, more competitive price and cut out the middleman. People who do research on cars really don't need that middleman anyway.

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