Tesla reveals futuristic new car features: Do Americans want self-driving cars?

  • Self-Driving Cars! YAY!

    If we put self driving cars on the road, life would be easier and faster on the black path. THere would be no traffic jams, and cars would be able to drive faster,which would mean you get to your destination faster.With self driving cars on the road, less families would have to grieve.

  • Yes. This will affect our at-large transportation infrastructure for the better

    Self-driving cars are the inevitable future. When these cars get to be massively driven, a new infrastructure will have to keep up with the product, and we will see private and public transit merging in unthinkable ways. Less accidents will take place, and more time we will share with our loved ones and our daily pleasures.

  • I could get so much done.

    Yes, Americans want self-driving cars, because it would be amazing to get in a car and spend time with your family, rather than try to keep your eyes open as you focus on the roads. There is so much I could get done, rather than have to spend my energy driving a car. It would be so much more peaceful.

  • I See Futuristic Cars In Our Futures!

    Americans want to see futuristic, self-driving cars - and soon! Self driving can only mean safer. No more worrying about being hit by drunk drivers, falling asleep at the wheel, or texting mishaps while you're on the road. With the car itself making all the choices, consistency is the key. Lives will be saved as soon as these are put on the road.

  • No, Americans don't want self-driving cars.

    The kind of self-driving technology that Tesla is pursuing will at best appeal to a niche market of consumers, primarily the very wealthy. For the average American consumer, this kind of technology is beyond the purvue of their basic concerns. These consumers are concerned more with the basics of making ends meet, of having any kind of car to get around with; forget about a car that drives itself. The kind of person who would value this technology would have to be someone financially well off and very busy, with extra money to spend on a car, and limited time.

  • Self-driving Cars Are a Potential Danger to Safety.

    While it may seem cool to have the prospect of self-driving cars, I am concerned there may be a chance these cars could malfunction. I have heard about cases where someone uses cruise control and for some reason it gets stuck and leads to a very dangerous situation. One lady could not stop her car without calling for police assistance. Could the same types of mishaps occur with self-driving cars? It is my concern that if a self-driving sensor malfunctions, it could lead to a car accident.

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