Tesla sold a death ray to pay hotel bill: Is Tesla the most underrated inventor of all time?

  • Tesla is underated

    Everyone copied and ditched him he created the AC technology yet
    nobody knows about him.He was way better than Edison most textbooks dont even mention tesla a bit.He was going to give hte word free technology but edison stopped him because he was a greedy person. Tesla is underrated yes

  • Yes, He was a Genius.

    Nikola Tesla was quite the genius. In addition to inventing the AC electricity supply system, he also predicted smartphones and video calls. The FBI recently released documents detailing Tesla's studies. With his death ray invention, Tesla was very cautious of whose hands this weapon could fall into. Due to the secrecy of a lot of these documents, I think it is safe to say that he was very underrated.

  • Yes, he should be

    If not the most underrated, Nikola Tesla should be among the most underrated inventors list. This is because most of the awards he received were posthumous.

    Some scientists and historians claim he is not among the inventors of the 'death beam'. However, history suggests that was the last piece of invention he used to pay off his hotel bills in New York, few months before his demise.

  • No, Tesla is not the most underrated inventor.

    Whether or not Tesla was a great inventor is no question; he absolutely was. But despite his great inventions, selling a death ray to pay for a hotel bill does not change anything. That little fact should not make him seem significantly better or worse in anyone's eyes, because it's just not important.

  • No, i disagree.

    Tesla is not the most underrated inventor of all time. Having sold a death ray to pay a hotel bill is not that terrible. This is because one has to pay his/her bills no mater what and ought to choose whatever way that pleases the person. We don't have to judge them cause we don't know the reason as to why.

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